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 The primary criterion for the selection of a suitable asbestos remedial & abatement company is the OSHA and EPA licensing. They should have the infrastructure of machinery & equipment, qualified workforce, transport vehicles, and federal government approved disposal sites. An online search can give you a list of such companies in your region with links to their websites and the social media connections such as :




Safety Norms and Insurance

Conformance to the OSHA and EPA safety standards is the critical parameter for the company selection. They should have the general liability insurance for the property owners and the residents. The policy should cover property damages (resident and neighborhood), health hazards, errors and omissions on the part of the removal company, and the environmental damages caused by the remediation, abatement, and the related activities.

Safety Norms

The asbestos abatement company website should give you the information about their conformance to the OSHA and EPA safety norms conformance. The asbestos work is classified into four categories from Class-I to Class IV.

Class-I regulations are for the asbestos-containing thermal insulations and the surface materials on which spraying is done. Class-II rules cover all the asbestos-containing materials (ACM) excluding the thermal insulation and the spray. For example, it includes floors, ceiling, panels, tiles, etc. Class-II regulations cover the insulation of ACM in the friable forms. Class III regulations cover the repair works on the ACM. Class IV regulations include all the maintenance of ACM related to the other three classes. You need to check the conformance levels of the abatement company based on the nature of work in your property site.

Safety Equipment

Protective gear for the employees including the overalls and respiratory protection is a must. Sealing of the entry and exit points with insulating covers, an enclosure of the work areas, negative pressure devices, spraying equipment & wetting materials, and the sealable waste collection bags are some of the mandatory equipment. The abatement company should utilize them at the worksite for ensuring safety.

They should preferably work with the HEPA vacuums, decontamination units, and the wet sprayers. For the demolition work, they may use hand-operated cutters, drillers, and other tools which don’t convert the debris into powder forms. Since wetting may not be safe near electrical installations, they should be able to use alternate safety methods.

Friable ACM

Check how the company plans to handle the friable ACM (that contain asbestos dust) like the popcorn ceilings, pipes, and ducts, plumbing fixtures, drywall, panels, etc.  Non-destructive removal methods and wetting can prevent the asbestos dust from polluting the air.

Frequent Inspection

The remediation company should conduct periodic air inspection during the removal procedures. If the particulate concentration goes above the safety levels, they should take preventive care to reduce them immediately. The airborne micron-size particulates can damage the residents’ health after months of removal.

Liability Insurance

The liability insurance should be valid for the removal and renovation period. The exposure protection coverage should preferably include the probable health damages to the residents in the post-demolition and removal period. Many of the insurance agencies may exclude the term “asbestos” from the coverage. Talk to the abatement company representative and know about the inclusions and exclusions.

Qualified Workforce

The workforce should be trained, qualified and experienced in the asbestos abatement and remedial procedures. The OSHA and EPA award safety certifications for the employees and the abatement company which you can check. Then you can be sure of the conformance to the safety standards,


Mandatory Training

The OSHA compulsory training requirements apply for the employees to work with multiple types of asbestos, know health hazards, proficiency in handling safety and removal equipment, monitoring and recording skills, experience in remedial procedures, etc.

The EPA and federal regulations code for environment protection make it mandatory for the employees and the company to know about the decontamination methods. It includes short and long-term solutions, which can prevent the air, soil, water, and the other forms of pollution risks. The certifications will contain all the information about the training received.


One of the best ways to determine the proficiency and experience of the asbestos abatement company is the social media connection. You can read the reviews, customer testimonials, and the blog postings about the company and its employees. Make sure the customers writing them belong to your category. For example, you may be a residential property owner searching for Class II type of abatement work. Reading the reviews from similar customers will give you the accurate information about the abatement company.

Financial Feasibility

Ask for a quote from the asbestos remedial company. Their approach to giving you the quote can tell you a lot about their work ethics, experience, and expertise.

Inspection & Quote

The professional asbestos abatement company may wish to inspect the removal site and analyze the various parameters before giving you the quote. They can give you the near to accuracy estimations about the various costs involved with the machinery, material, workforce, and the methods. If a company gives you vague quote based on your input alone, you should be prepared for hidden costs added to the quote during and after the project.

Quote Comparison

Compare at least 4 to 5 quotes from various abatement companies in your region. You should also consider the work plan, material requirement, and the work quality while selecting the most appropriate quote.

The company which offers you the cheapest quote may not be able to give you the best of services. The highest quote may not be financially feasible. Analyze and compare the technical parameters also before taking a decision.

Asbestos Remediation

 The preventive care procedures of the asbestos remediation include post removal decontamination of the work area and the entire home. The company should be able to clean the ACM and make them environment-friendly before dumping into landfills.

The company should perform the air cleaning and purification procedures according to EPA standards. The test report from an independent pollution expert will certify the completion of safe remediation at the work site.