Professional Furnace Repair Calgary


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You can perform three types of maintenance services to tune up your furnace or if you need professional furnace repair calgary . They are corrective, preventive, and proactive types. Corrective maintenance happens after a breakdown in the system. You can repair or replace the furnace parts to restore its functionality. Preventive maintenance is periodical. You can do it once in six months or according to the specific needs. Proactive maintenance is continuous monitoring of parts or components which may fail within the near future. You can repair or replace the parts much before they reach the point of breakdown. 

Maintenance Parts 

You have to perform maintenance for almost all the parts of a furnace, especially those which are critical for functionality and efficiency. For example, you can consider burner, heat exchanger, fan, pilot assembly, safety valves, flue-pipes, filters, connectors, etc. let us examine each component and see how you can perform the task DIY or with the help of professionals. 

Ducts Tune-Up

Duct cleaning is important to prevent internal air pollution. Dust, dirt, and mold deposits can block the free flow of air and exhaust gasses. Since they don’t have other exit paths, the reverse pressure can cause them to leak into your home. 

Air duct cleaning could be a simple or complex process, depending on the size and layout. It is a good idea to have an external installation of ducts. It is easy to clean. But they may have the risk of cracks and damages, leading to gas and poisonous air leaks. Having the ducts internally could be relatively safer, but the task of regular maintenance works can be complex. 

Duct cleaning can also ensure the efficient working of the furnace with savings on fuel. You can compare the energy consumption of a furnace with clean ducts and the one with clogged ducts. You can see a significant difference in the energy bills you get. 

Fan Assembly Tune-Up

The fan is also known as the blower wheel. It is the main component which forces the hot air into the rooms in your home. Fans are subject to tremendous stress and fatigue during working. Blades can get cracks, deposit molds, corrode, and have deposits of rust. These factors can reduce the efficiency significantly. So, you need to tune up the fan regularly. The other important part of the fan assembly is the motor. It provides the power to the fans for rotation. 

You can clean the fan and motor regularly using a handheld vacuum. Turn off the furnace and the fuel supply. Clean the fan blades with a dry brush to remove the dust and dirt. Then you can apply a cleaning liquid to remove the rust and other hard deposits. Check if the blades have corrosion. Use a corrosion remover spray. If it is beyond repair, you may have to replace the fan blades. 

Apply lubricant to the motor and blower shaft bearing. You can find an oil cap somewhere near the bearings. You can take it out and fill with engine oil. Close the cap and let the lubricant smoothen the shafts. It is a good practice to clean up the shafts before lubrication. You can observe remarkable improvement in the air blowing capacity and volume after maintenance. It is also one way of saving energy. 

Pilot Assembly Tune-Up

Pilot assembly is the ignition point for your gas furnace. It can fail due to the defect in the thermocouple. It could also fail due to the insufficient supply of oxygen. Deposits of dirt, dried lubricant, and internal damages can cause a lack of oxygen. The results could be leaking of gas into your home, air pollution with carbon compounds, or insufficient heating. If your furnace is Hydronic, it can result in insufficient radiant heating effects. 

Hence, the proper maintenance of the pilot assembly is very important. You can clean it using liquids, brush, and cotton. But you may not be able to detect the internal damages within the ignition points. So, it is recommended the practice to hire a professional furnace repairer for the services. 

Safety Valves Tune-Up

An abrupt increase in pressure can result in a fatal accident like an explosion in the boiler. Safety valves can reduce the pressure to the safety levels. There are many other types of valves for temperature, fuel, flue-gas, and others. A regular tune-up can keep the connecting furnace parts safe and secure. They can also ensure the smooth functioning of the furnace at its best possible efficiency level. 

Burner Tune Up

The burner is the most critical part of your furnace. It consists of many sub-parts like motor, ignition transformer, firing assembly, fuel pump, and blast tube, etc. You may not be able to open up the assembly and perform the maintenance procedures. Hence, it is important for you to hire a professional furnace repairer for performing the task. Tuning of the burner can enhance the lifespan of the furnace. It saves fuel. It can keep the burner working without any breakdown for a long time. 

Heat Exchanger Tune-Up

The complex S-shaped coils you see within the furnace are the points in which the heat from the burner transfers to the air or water that circulates to reach the different rooms in your home. Hydronic furnaces can get rust on the heat exchanger.  They can corrode internally or get cracks. 

The results could be inefficient heating, internal leaking, or other structural damages which can breach safety. So, it is very important for you to tune up the exchanger regularly. A professional furnace repairer can diagnose the problem accurately and provide the required services at the right time. 


Tuning up the furnace is the only way to ensure its efficiency and structural stability. You don’t need to spend too much on the repair and replacement procedures. The costs of regular maintenance can reduce significantly. You can also get the furnace to work for years without any symptoms of aging and fatigue on the parts. 

It could be better practice to hire a professional furnace cleaning for the maintenance works. With his experience, he can simplify and streamline the tasks.