Calgary Mold Inspection ( Mold testing)

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Concerned about water damage and mold?

Water kills houses, damaging materials and shortening the life of the house. Moisture enables mold growth. Unfortunately water leaks are common and are often not addressed. Mold can make you sick. The cost of removing mold, if it is present, could easily exceed several times the cost of almost any other possible house defect. Protect yourself by getting a home inspection that includes inspecting for and testing, if the conditions warrant, for mold. During our investigation we check the integrity of the building envelope that keeps water out– roof, walls, insulation, foundation, windows, and doors. We carefully check internal water sources and systems for evidence of current or past leaks.

Mold can damage your possessions and cause health problems, allergic reactions such as asthma or allergic rhinitis (continuous sneezing), non-allergic reactions such as headaches, and other symptoms [including] lung and breathing infections (Health Canada, 2017). Some doctors believe mold is the major cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ensure there are no closure obstacles!
Address mold and environmental issues before listing.
Ensure the home your client is buying or selling is healthy, green.
Avoid costly remediation (likely to far exceed any building inspection findings)!
Ensure the office or building you are leasing or renting is healthy. 

Home Mold Checkup (typical 1200 sq. ft house)

  1. Moisture Infra Red Thermal Imaging (Moist Areas Are Cooler) And Moisture Meter Testing
  2. Mold Visual Inspection; Interpretation.
  3. Report And Professional Assessment

Not including mold sampling and GST
If sampling is required- Sampling, analysis and interpretation $85.00 plus GST per sample. 
Same day service for inspections performed early in the day. Normal turnaround is within 24 hours.
Calgary based Accredited Laboratory is used for analyses.


It isn’t safe to live in an environment that has mold; it is extremely dangerous to your health and that of your family.  It can cause a whole host of medical issues including fungal infections, respiratory tract infections and trigger asthma attacks.  Mold can also hide behind walls so that you don’t even know it is there, that is why you need a trained mold inspector as part of the home inspection process to identify any potential problems.

What is Mold

Mold are tiny microscopic fungi that can live on plant matter.  It can be brought into your home in a number of ways, either on people, an object or even your pet.  However mold needs somewhere to grow and once it does it will spread unchecked.  It can find a home on pretty much any organic matter like paper, wood and fabric.  Mold needs a damp environment to live and it thrives in colder climates, mold will die when the temperature is over 100 degrees.  Making the Canadian climate ideal for mold.

Mold Inspections

Where You Find Mold

There areas or your home that are more common to mold and when Living Aware Home Inspections comes into your home to look for mold these are the places where we begin our inspection.  We start in your basement, crawl spaces, bathrooms and any area that has high humidity.  While it is far more common in a commercial building, your home can develop “sick building syndrome”.  That is when the air quality is bad in the home and the residents become sick on a regular basis.  The biggest contributor to SBS is mold caused by poor ventilation.

Our Team

Our team has the training, experience and expertise on detecting and finding mold in your home.  All of our team are Certified Mold Inspectors and the testing process includes tests for bacterial mold infestations, along with common allergens.  We pay particular attention to looking for black mold as it is the most dangerous and it needs to be treated immediately.

When you’re deciding whether or not to buy a home then the presence of mold can be a deciding factor.  Mold is an issue that needs to be treated immediately, it is dangerous to the occupants of the home.  Mold rem oval can be expensive and the last thing you need is to purchase a home and then discover that you need to make thousands of dollars worth of repairs because there wasn’t an adequate home inspection.

Call us today and we can help you find any hidden problems in the home.