Radon Testing Calgary

Our comprehensive home inspection process can also test your home for radon.  If you are not familiar with radon or why we test for it, radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.  This is why it is so important to test your house for the presence of radon.  While there are at home kits that can be purchased but their accuracy isn’t always so great.

If you are buying or even selling your home then you should have a professional team come in and test for radon for you.  We have been doing radon testing to home’s around the city for more than a decade and we offer professional results.  We test not just your basement but the entire home to make sure there are no sources of radon leaking in anywhere.

Where Radon Comes From

Radon is naturally occurring and it is caused by the natural decay of the element uranium.  It can be found in rocks, soil and in water.  It is found underground and it comes into your home through small cracks in the foundation of the house.  That’s why radon is usually found in basements but it can actually be found anywhere.  If you live in a rural area where you depend on well water then radon can also make its way into your well water.  You can be exposed to radon as you bathe or shower.

Discovering Radon

If you’re friendly with your neighbors and they have had their house tested and it came positive there is no need to panic.  Radon tests will be different from home to home, that’s why an inspection is needed.  There are a multitude of factors that will determine how much, if any radon is in your home.  Radon can be found in houses all across the US.  If your home tests positive for radon then Environment Canada has determined that if the radon level in your home is above 4 pCi/L then you need to take action.  At that point you will need to install a system to mitigate the radon.

Radon Doesn’t Discriminate

Radon is found all over Canada and it can be found in any type of home, big or small.  This is why it is so important to test for radon, it doesn’t care if you live in a small house in the country or a mansion in the suburbs both are just as likely to contain radon.

Make sure that a radon inspection is part of any inspection process before you purchase your next home.