What Do We Provide that Makes Us Different

What makes an EcoCheckup Complete Inspection Different from other Home Inspections

You want to be confident in your decision– we identify defects, with cost estimates; maintenance items and a maintenance checklist.

You want a home that will be comfortable, and easy to heat– we use thermal imaging to identify air leaks, missing insulation and moisture. 

You want a home in which is healthy – We carry out mold, asbestos, and lead testing and provide an air quality and mold management plan. 

The Complete Inspection includes:

  1. Risk Based Inspection, Looking For Specific Symptoms, Of The Entire House And Garage
  2. Infrared Thermal Imaging And Moisture Meter Check
  3. Mold, Asbestos, Lead Testing
  4. Cost Estimates To Correct Defects

When the inspection is complete onsite we provide a verbal review of the defects and maintenance issues and a home manual entitled: “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection”. 

Within 24 hours we provide a digital report with: · a summary page of defects and colour photos and thermal images illustrating the defects and maintenance items · cost estimates to correct the defects · a maintenance checklist, · mold and asbestos test results and interpretation · an air quality management plan · a mold remediation guideline and a mold management plan.